Applications for the initial COVID-19 Wage Subsidy August 2021 (between 20th August and 2nd September 2021) have now closed.

Applications for the second wage subsidy ‘COVID-19 Wage Subsidy August 2021 #2‘ are now open.

A summary of the requirements:

  • Applications are open (from 3rd September 2021), and will close at 11.59pm on Thursday 16th September 2021
  • This is for all businesses and self-employed people who have or predict at least a 40% decline in their revenue from 31st August to 13th September and meet all the eligibility criteria
  • Application for the second wage subsidy can be made two weeks after the first application was made (not before) eg. If you applied on the 23rd August you cannot apply until the 6th of September
  • MSD have advised an email will be sent to those businesses who applied for the first wage subsidy to let them know when they can apply for the second round of wage subsidy
  • If you did not apply for the initial wage subsidy but would like to apply for the second round you can as long as you meet all the eligibility criteria

Our team are here to help. If you need assistance with this or would like to discuss what other support your business may be eligible for, please contact our team on the below numbers.

RECEPTION: 07 885 1022, Ext. 0

Debbie: Email. debbieg@grahambrown.co.nz, Mobile. 021 447 297
Brendon: Email. brendon@grahambrown.co.nz, Mobile. 027 270 3699
Phillip: Email. phillip@grahambrown.co.nz, Mobile. 027 249 6354
Jasmine: Email. jasminevh@grahambrown.co.nz, Mobile. 027 254 3930

CEO: 07 885 1022, Ext. 735
Richard: Email. richardr@grahambrown.co.nz, Mobile. 027 276 8552

Kimberley: Email. kimc@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 746
Linda: Email. linda@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 747
Julie G: Email. julieg@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 742
Julie S: Email. julies@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 725
Shannon: Email. shannond@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 714
Ashleigh: Email. ashleighh@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 741
Cameron: Email. camerons@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 728
Shane: Email. shanef@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 748

Arnel: Email. arnelr@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 220
Carol: Email. carolb@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 221
Richard W: Email. richardw@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 212
Kyla: Email. kylam@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 211
Leonie: Email. leonien@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 222

PAYROLL TEAM: 07 885 1022
Rina: Email. rinat@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext. 708
Christina: Email. christinam@grahambrown.co.nz, Ext 734

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From the Team at Graham Brown & Co
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