Day 1: We are operational and here for you.

Well it’s Day 1 and we wanted to assure you all that we are very much set up offsite, and operational.

Our team are working from home, and are available to speak to and e-mail as needed.

During this period, our phone call system is working, and calls should come to us in the usual manner.  However, given this is a new environment for us, and we are receiving a lot of queries there may be the odd hiccup.

Thank you so much for being patient, please keep us updated if you have any issues by emailing

For quick reference our contact numbers and direct extensions, and emails are as follows:


RECEPTION: Emily: 07 885 1022, Ext. 740

Debbie: Email., Mobile. 021 447 297
Brendon: Email., Mobile. 027 270 3699
Phillip: Email., Mobile. 027 249 6354
Jasmine: Email., Mobile. 027 254 3930

CEO: 07 885 1022, Ext. 735
Richard: Email., Mobile. 027 276 8552

Kimberley: Email., Ext. 746
Linda: Email., Ext. 747
Julie G: Email., Ext. 742
Timatanga: Email., Ext. 737
Shannon: Email., Ext. 714
Ella: Email., Ext. 713
Ashleigh: Email., Ext. 741
Cameron: Email., Ext. 728

Arnel: Email., Ext. 220
Carol: Email., Ext. 221
Richard W: Email., Ext. 212
Kyla: Email., Ext. 211

PAYROLL TEAM: 07 885 1022
Rina: Email., Ext. 708
Christina: Email., Ext 734

Julie Still is on leave over the lockdown period and Linda will be looking after her clients.


We are sure, like us, you are all watching the news closely around CV-19 and the measures being taken by the Government to both contain it and support the economy. Our aim is to keep updating you regularly with the things you need to know, as they are released.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need to, we are here to help.

From the Team at Graham Brown & Co
Kia Kaha, Stay safe